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jet load

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Pull an image or build a docker service


jet load service [flags]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--ci-branch The name of the branch being built
--debug Turn debug output on
--dir Current Directory The directory to use
--dockercfg-service The name of the service with which the dockercfg should be generated
--encrypted-dockercfg-path The path to the encrypted dockercfg file to be used
--key-path string codeship.aes The key path for encrypting secure environment variables.
--no-remove Do not remove any containers that are run, overrides all other settings
--pull-if-present false Pull images that are already present
--services-path string codeship-services.yml The relative services path

Extended Description

The jet load command allows you to build a service without executing anything. This can be helpful for debugging, e.g. if one particular service fails to load correctly you can isolate the issue by loading only that service. You can load a service defined in the codeship-services.yml file.


$ jet load web

(step: web-36a86f22)
(image: (service: web) Step 1/7 : FROM node:8.6.0-alpine
(image: (service: web)  ---> b7e15c83cdaf
(step: web-36a86f22) success ✔

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