CodeShip Developer Resources

We're here to help you solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Starting Out

If you're looking to follow-along with a quick start guide and learn how to use CodeShip quickly:


Learn more about CodeShip Basic for use with straightforward web apps, non-containerized apps and turnkey deployments.


Learn more about CodeShip Pro for use with Docker applications, cloud-native applications and complex deployment needs.


Learn how to set up and speed up all kinds of tests on CodeShip.


Learn how to deploy to different environments and with different workflows.

For Your Role

CodeShip has different features for different members of your team.


Learn everything you need to know about faster CI/CD with our developer resource page.


Manage your DevOps processes and your team's deployments with our DevOps resource page.


Keep your team productive, secure and focused on results with our manager resource page.

Technical Specifications

Learn more about how CodeShip works and what you need to know about our systems.

Learn about our

build machine specifications if you have questions about how we run your builds.

Read our security FAQ if you have questions about security policies and practices on CodeShip.

Our organizations documentation will explain how you manage your teams, projects and account.