This article is about General Codeship Configuration.

Skipping builds

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Skipping Builds

You can skip builds on both Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro by using a special commit directive.

Skipping Via Commit Message

You can add either of the following skip directives to the commit message of the last commit before you push and that push will be ignored:

  • --skip-ci
  • --ci-skip
  • [skip ci]
  • [ci skip]

Skipped builds do not have a build record and will not show up in the Codeship UI. They will also not count towards the concurrent builds or monthly build limits for users.

Ignore pull request merges

When you merge a pull request you can add one of the skip directives to the commit message as well.

Skipping Via A Step Tag on Pro

On Codeship Pro, in addition to using a commit message, you can also de-facto skip builds by making sure that every step in your codeship-steps.yml file has a tag, which limits that step to a certain branch. You can learn more about limiting your steps to a certain branch codeship-steps.yml documentation.

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