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Troubleshooting Issues With Builds Not Starting

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Builds on Codeship are triggered via a webhook from your VCS. We add this hook to your repository when you configure the project on Codeship, but sometimes those settings get out of sync.

That’s why we show the status of the webhook configuration on the General page of your project settings.

Hook Status and Project UUID


Make sure the Codeship service is added under the Webhooks & Services section of your repository settings. Also check that the UUID configured for the repository matches the one shown on the General page of your project settings on Codeship.

GitHub Service Configuration


Make sure a webhook for Codeship is added under the Webhooks section in the settings of your repository. Please also check the the UUID in the hook URL matches the UUID from your project. The hook URL itself should match the following pattern.

BitBucket Webhooks Configuration

Issues with Codeship

It also might be possible that there are issues on Codeship. Please check our Codeship Status Page or follow us on @Codeship for further information.

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