Versions And Setup

We use virtualenv to manage Python environments for you. We currently support Python 2.7.6. Version 3.4.3 of Python is installed as well and available via the python3 binary.

Using Python 3

The virtual environment from ${HOME}/.virtualenv is activated and configured for use with Python 2 by default. If you want to switch to version 3, simply add the following commands to your Setup Commands.

virtualenv -p $(which python3) "${HOME}/cache/python3_env"
source "${HOME}/cache/python3_env/bin/activate"

Changing Versions

If you need a specific Python version installed, use this script in your Setup Commands.

First set the desired version as an environment variable in your project.


Next add this command to your Setup Commands and the script will automatically be called at build time.


You can use pip to install any dependencies in your setup commands.

For example:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Dependency Cache

Codeship automatically caches the $HOME/.virtualenv/lib/python2.7/site-packages directory between builds to optimize build performance. You can read this article to learn more about the dependency cache and how to clear it.

Notes And Known Issues

Due to Python version issues, you may find it helpful to tests your commands with different versions via an SSH debug session if tests are running differently on Codeship compared to your local machine.

Frameworks And Testing

All Python frameworks, including Django, Flask and Pyramid, should work without issue as long as they do not require root-access for customized system configuration.

All test frameworks and tools, including pytest and unittest, should also work without issue.


In addition to parallelizing your tests explicitly via parallel pipelines, you may find that there are packages available for parallelizing different types of testing, such as nose-parallel, to speed your tests up.

While we do not officially support or integrate with these modules, many Codeship users find success speeding their tests up by using them. Note that it is possible for these modules to cause resource and build failure issues, as well.

Need More Help?

Get in touch if you need more help, or post on Stack Overflow using the tag #Codeship.

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