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Deploy to Google App Engine

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You can deploy your Java,Python, NodeJS , or Go applications to Google App Engine through Codeship.

Setup Google App Engine Deployment

Step 1

Navigate to your project’s deployment configuration page by selecting Project Settings > Deployment on the top right side of the page.

Project Settings Deployment

Step 2

Edit an existing deployment pipeline or create a new deployment pipeline by selecting + Add new deployment pipeline. Create the deployment pipeline to match the exact name of your deployment branch or a wildcard branch.

Create branch deploy

Step 3

Select Google App Engine

Select GAE

Step 4

The first time you want to connect Codeship to Google App Engine we will ask for credentials through OAuth.

Connect GAE

You will then be directed to log into your Google account.

Step 5

Once connected, you will be brought back to your Google App Engine deployment settings page.

appcfg Update Path

You can set the path of your appcfg.* file in the Update Path: field. If the file exists on the root of your repository, simply leave it blank.

By default we search for a app.yml file in the path you’ve set. If we find it we will use the script to upload your application. Otherwise we expect it to be a Java application and use

Application URL

You have the option of adding the URL of your GAE app below to call after the deployment to make sure everything is up and running.

Configure GAE


GAE Success

You have now successfully setup deployment to your Google App Engine. Go ahead and push a commit to your configured deploy branch.

App Engine Authentication Issues

The specific implementation Google App Engines uses to authenticate with other services like Codeship omits certain information if you re-authenticate. (Specifically the OAuth refresh token.)

If you encounter authentication problems with your GAE deployments, please head over to the Google OAuth Application Settings page and remove the Codeship application from your account. Once you’ve done the above step, disconnecting and reconnecting to App Engine on Connected Services will update your authentication settings and allow deployments to App Engine.

Please save the deployment settings after reconnecting to GAE to ensure that we use the newly created token.

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