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Git LFS is not natively supported on Codeship, although we do provide a script that may conditionally allow Git LFS to be usable in your builds.

LFS On Codeship Pro

To use Git LFS on Codeship Pro you will need to use these lines of this script.

You will need to run this script inside a container with both Git and Git LFS installed via the Dockerfile.

This container will also need to mount your entire cloned repository as volume in your codeship-services.yml file, such as:

  image: alpine:3.6
    - .:/data/

Within the container, in this app using an Alpine base image, you can then run git lfs fetch and git lfs checkout to get the files stored via LFS.

LFS On Codeship Basic

To use Git LFS on Codeship Basic, you will need to install and setup this script in your project’s setup commands