Codeship For Your Organization

Learn how to use Codeship to help manage your high-performance engineering teams.


Question: Do I need to use Docker? Or, can I use Docker?

Codeship Basic does not use Docker, Codeship Pro does! You can mix Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro projects on your account to best fit each team and each project you have.

Question: How do I control access?

Our security documentation covers the variety of ways access controls work. Through teams, encryption and user access groups you can resrict who can do what on your projects in a number of ways.

Question: Can I get a demo or consulting call?

Just get in touch if you'd like to set up a call to discuss your needs or get a product demo.

Integrating Tools And Services

We've built Codeship to make it easy to use the widest variety of tools, services and vendors possible.

View our integrations page to see all of our existing integration documentation.
Create your own integration with a few simple key concepts in this guide.
Watch our webinar on using deployment integrations for any service provider.

Case Study

Several companies have published case studies on using Codeship to improve their operations.

Read about Placester and then read the others to learn more about what Codeship can do for you!


Learn how to manage teams with different security roles and project access on Codeship, including via the API.


Read our security article or ask a security question to learn about how we've built Codeship with security and trust in mind at all times.


We provide highly-technical support and can help you at any point - from setup to deploy! Just let us know how we can help.