Wildcard Deployments

Get more flexible deployment workflows with wildcard deployment pipelines that trigger if a branch starts with a certain prefix. Use one deployment configuration for multiple branches and automatically deploy your feature, release, QA, etc. branches to the corresponding environments.

See our article on deployment pipelines for a general introduction on how to use deployments on Codeship.

Static Branch Deployment Pipelines

If you choose Branch is exactly the branch name will need to match exactly the branch that is currently being tested for the deployment to be triggered.

Wildcard Branch Deployment Pipelines

When you add a new branch to be deployed you can choose whether you are specifying an exact branch name or if this is a wildcard deployment. For the latter select Branch starts with from the dropdown and then specify the common part of the branches you want to deploy.

Wildcard Deployment Pipeline Configuration

If, for example you want to deploy all branches starting with feature/ to your staging environment you could add this as the branch name and the deployment would be triggered for any of the following branch names

  • feature/wildcard-deployments
  • feature/feature-b

But not for feature-a, as it is missing the / at the end of feature/.

Note, if you have another wildcard deployment pipeline configured for fe, both the deployments (for fe as well as feature/) will be triggered and run in sequence.

See the following screenshot for a comparison of a configured wildcard deployment pipeline (for feature/) to a static branch deployment pipeline (for master).

Configured Wildcard Deployment Pipelines

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